Spanish Month


General: During our Spanish Month students spend an exciting 3 weeks studying alongside Chilean students and living with Chilean families who have children around the same age.

Academics: Classes are in both English and Spanish. School administrators work with the students upon their arrival to match their needs. In addition to their course work, Chilean Adventures provides Spanish tutoring 3 times per week to help clarify and reinforce grammar and vocabulary.

Service Learning: Students who choose service learning spend a few hours per week assisting others who are less fortunate. Possible programs that students may select from include: soup kitchen help, constructing homes, maintenance and repairs, daycare, kindercare, and environmental.

Adventure: Rounding out the month and as a welcomed reward, students participate in scheduled excursions. During these fun weekend excursions students develop their technical skills in lifelong sports that also help them learn teamwork, leadership, and how to face new challenges. Adventures depend on the season and range from kayaking, surfing, equestrian activities, mountain and road biking, fly fishing, and more.

Geographical Location: With a width of just 150 km from mountain passes to beaches, Chile´s geography provides a depth of distinct flora and fauna. With national parks and reserves among the Andes Mountains and Pacific Ocean, it is a great place to be.

Gwen Cameron
study abroad and kayaking (August-December 2006) Colorado

“Chilean Adventures is an incredible company that you can really get attatched to. Studying abroad is a rare and wonderful opportunity that Chilean Adventures makes easy to organize.”