Study in Chile

Global Education:


The fact that you are researching programs abroad shows that you are well aware of the necessity of a global education. Chile, a Spanish speaking country and economic stronghold, is an excellent place to develop your language skills and your understanding of another part of the world.

Your courage to experience another culture will also be appreciated by college admission offices. Colleges search for applicants who have unique passions and interests. Our participants can rest assured that they will have measureable academic and experiential adventures that set them apart from the crowd.

We work individually with each student, parent, and counselor throughout the entire process to ensure that students are enrolled in the right courses. Students are able to receive transferable high school credits and transcripts that are easily decipherable. PSAT and SAT tests are given in Santiago and Chilean Adventures will assist in getting our future scholars to the testing site.

Other than the Kayak Month program, all students are enrolled in private Chilean schools. Class sizes are usually kept below 30. In addition, each Chilean Adventures student has one or two tutors to optimize their learning. While facilities in Chile are a level below that of typical schools in North America, the schools we work with enjoy an above average standard. All high school students in Chile wear uniforms, Chilean Adventures´ semester and year-long students are expected to join in on the fun.

Outdoor Program :

Our outdoor program allocates an average of two weekends per month to active and experiential learning. Students have the option to choose from a variety of activities depending on the season: Hike through native tree nurseries or indigeonous forests to learn about local flora and fauna. Approach dormant and active volcanoes to check-out their geology. Visit small mountain towns and historical trails to follow Chilean history. Live and travel among the rich Chilean culture. Spend your days speaking Spanish with bilingual instructors and guides. Experience the famous Andes Condor and other local wildlife. Trek among some of Chile´s 50+ volcanoes.

The Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP) activities are for those looking to specialize in a certain area. We provide an outdoor curriculum providing a well-rounded knowledge base for our future leaders. Some general program curriculums encorporate: trip planning, logistics, orienteering, whitewater, kayaking, rafting, surfing, trekking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, equestrian sports.

Service Learning:

Community service is much more than helping less priviledged people. It is an opportunity to learn. Our company and our instructors are life-long learners. Through our service and volunteering with local governments, government agencies, service agencies, and non-profit organizations, our students learn to be life-long learners as well.

There are many service learning project opportunities through Chilean Adventures. Our students can learn by teaching English in local schools, assist in childcare and volunteer building and renovating homes and community centers with Hogar de Cristo, maintaining trails with Chile´s national park service, and participate in environmental education, recycling, and sustainable living through Chilean Adventures´ projects and grants

Sam Punderson, Custom program (November 2003)
Maine, USA
“Todd and his crew are top notch. They put together a program for me and my students that I could never have done without him. He’s professional, honest and right on time with all the details of traveling and the associated logistics.
I could not recommend anyone more highly.”